Retail Case Study: Furniture Retailer

Below is an in-depth case study about Digital Insider’s success driving organic digital growth for a retail/e-commerce client specialising in furniture.

Campaign Objectives

The objectives of this client’s campaign included:

  1. Improve Year-On-Year Organic Traffic by 100% 
  2. Improve Target Keyword ranking visibility by 100%
  3. Improve Google My Business Traffic by 50%
  4. Improve traffic to the new business location page by 200%

Strategy & Implementation

We were seeking to improve local visibility, increase store traffic, and increase enquiries and sales for our client. In order to achieve these as well as the specific campaign objectives, we implemented the following strategies.

On-page SEO

We employed a number of on-page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to optimise keyword rankings and drive Organic Traffic to the furniture retailer’s website, including:

  • On-page keyword optimisations.
  • Optimised showroom location pages for high traffic local keywords such as “furniture stores Melbourne”.
  • Added regular blog posts with internal links to drive traffic from the blogs to the homepage, product pages and the showroom location pages.

Off-page SEO

To improve keyword rankings in the SERPs and drive Organic Traffic to the furniture retailer’s pages we used off-page SEO techniques, including obtaining Local Citations and backlinks from external guest blog posts on quality websites. The use of local search terms throughout our on-page and off-page SEO would enable the client’s target audience to more easily find their local furniture showroom locations.

Technical Fixes

To ensure that the client’s website was operating at optimum levels and providing a good user experience (UX), we completed a number of technical fixes such as; fixing errors report by specialised SEO tools, resubmitting target pages for indexing, fixing redirects, completing regular audits and optimising the eCommerce Checkout.

Google My Business plugin

We added a Google My Business (GMB) plugin to the website. The GMB review snippet schema on Google SERPs would improve organic ranking and increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) as potential customers can immediately see the positive peer ratings.

GMB Optimisation & Location Optimisation for New Business Location

During the campaign, our client acquired a new retail location which required us to complete migrations from the previous location’s website and GMB. This included the migration of website content and subsequent local keyword optimisations for the new location. The successful page-to-page website migration and optimisations would improve presence for the new location and improve sales on their advertised brands.

We also completed location keyword optimisations on all of the client’s other GMB locations.

Unique Content + Online Shopping

Due to lockdown restrictions moving most retail stores to online shopping, we ensured that the furniture retailer’s online store was fully optimised, contained original product content and that product titles & descriptions were written effectively and keyword optimised. We also added more products to the online store to ensure that customers had the best online retail experience possible.


  1. Improved Year-On-Year Organic Traffic by 115.11%
  2. Target keyword ranking visibility improved YOY from 2.97% to 10.32%, up by 247.47%
  3. GMB traffic by increased by 62.4% and the total actions customers took from the listings increased by 75.8%
  4. YOY Organic Traffic to the new location’s showroom page improved by 835.71%


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