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Get your website ranking naturally with our SEO services in Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

We use innovative optimisation strategies and create unique SEO content that gets you on the first page of Google.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of effectively getting your website to rank naturally in search engines for the products and services offered. SEO is integral for those who want to drive targeted traffic that converts. In a nutshell, to get on the first page of Google websites must provide search engine credibility – which will come from the relevancy of the web content, the relevancy of the links and the authority of the linking source.

When you choose Digital Insider as your dedicated SEO company in Melbourne or the Gold Coast, we will apply optimisation strategies including outreach articles, link building techniques and tactics that abide by the rules of the search engines, support your brand and most importantly appeal to your target audience.

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What we can do for you.

Content creation

Our SEO consultants create unique optimised content that supports your brand's goals. Tailored content that drives traffic, people share and recommend, that search engines recognise as relevant. This may include; re-writing product pages, amplifying landing pages with richer information or adding new engaging content to blog posts. Our content is written in ways that show Google the client's experience, expertise and credibility.

Detailed monthly reporting

We're all about transparency. We will keep you updated with detailed monthly reports about your website's SEO progress via unique reporting portals, live rankings, Google Analytics analysis of Month-on-Month/Year-on-Year performance, and engagement metrics.

On-page requirements

We will ensure that all on-page requirements are optimised, such as meta tags, page titles and description updates. Other on-page optimisations might include the integration of Google+ business pages, page content updates to ensure effective keyword usage and publishing blog content regularly. Your blog is a portal for visitors to access engaging and entertaining digital content, whilst driving traffic to your website, establishing your brand voice and personality, and identifying your target audience.

Off-page link Building

All links are never created equal and we focus on getting websites with high authority to talk about your business and link back to it. Our SEO consultants in Melbourne and the Gold Coast get references on industry-leading websites with high Domain Authority that refer potential leads and customers back to you. Our other link building strategies include; directories, co-citations, PDFs/slides/video/audio, press releases, etc.

We use Data Analytics to improve campaign ROI

Wash the data, refine and repeat. It’s the cycle of digital life.

We improve our client’s ROI by applying analytical intelligence to all digital campaigns. We are a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Our SEO consultants in Melbourne and the Gold Coast are fully trained and certified to provide custom tracking and measurements, and create data action plans which provide what your business needs to track.

Importantly we continue to incorporate campaign results and learnings to keep maximising the campaign performance and drive results.

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