Pest Control Case Study: Driving Organic B2C Growth

Below is an in-depth case study about Digital Insider’s success driving organic B2C growth for a client specialising in pest control.

Campaign Objectives

The objectives of this client’s campaign included:

  1. Improve Year-On-Year Organic Traffic by 100%
  2. Improve Overall Keyword Ranking by 100%
  3. Improve Target Keyword Visibility by 100%
  4. Keyword “pest control Melbourne” ranking on position 1 of Google AU and improve the ranking of “Melbourne Pest Control” (these are high traffic and converting keywords)
  5. Increase Google My Business views by 100%
  6. Increase Organic Leads by 40%
  7. Improve ROI – annual turnover increase of 33%

Strategy & Implementation

Our client was experiencing issues with website conversion, poor user experience, slow site speeds and also issues with ranking for high traffic keywords. To achieve the campaign objectives and solve our client’s online issues, we implemented the following B2C strategies.

Development of a new website

A new website was the first step to achieving all campaign objectives. We wanted to develop a fast and powerful website for our client that had a strong SEO grounding and provided an excellent user experience (UX), as this would improve Organic Traffic and Leads, as well as allow us to optimise target keywords.

Local ranking

During development, we decided that the addition of location pages would be key to achieving rankings for location-based keywords such as “pest control Geelong”. These individual location pages would include content that directs the local customers to the client’s website and service pages.

On-page SEO

During website development and in the months following, we employed a number of on-page SEO techniques to optimise keyword rankings and drive Organic Traffic to the client’s website.

On-page techniques included:

  • On-page keyword optimisations.
  • Added regular blog posts, including case studies that used location-based keywords and internal linking that would drive traffic from the blogs to the homepage, service pages and contact page.

Off-page SEO

To improve the pest control client’s keyword rankings in the SERPs and drive Organic Traffic to their pages we used off-page SEO strategies, including obtaining Local Citations and backlinks from external guest blog posts on quality websites. The use of local search terms throughout our on-page and off-page SEO would enable the target audience to more easily find our client who is located in their area.

Google My Business plugin

We added a Google My Business (GMB) plugin to the client’s website for two reasons:

1. The GMB review snippet schema on Google SERPs would improve organic ranking and increase the Click-Through Rate (CTR) as potential customers can immediately see the positive peer ratings.

2. The GMB plugin that appears on the website shows the trustworthiness of the client through Google ratings, which would generate an increase in enquiries and website conversions.


Google My Business optimisation

To improve our client’s GMB review score and increase views, we did the following:

  • Provided the client with a GMB review link to contact their customers
  • We then ensured that all reviews were responded to and any negative reviews were handled

As a result, our client received over 250 new GMB reviews in 12 months which boosted their review rating to over 4.5 stars, improving website leads and traffic leads from GMB.

Campaign Results

  1. Achieved YOY Organic Traffic growth of 185.75%
  2. Overall YOY Keyword Rankings improved by 242%
  3. YOY Target keyword visibility improved by 144.5%
  4. Keyword “pest control Melbourne” ranking on position 1 of Google AU and ranking of “Melbourne Pest Control” improved to position 2 of Google AU
  5. The client’s GMB total views improved by 138.3% YOY. Maps views also saw significant improvements (693.4%) helping customers to locate and engage with our client as their local pest controller.
  6. Organic Leads increased by 48%
  7. 33% annual turnover growth as a result of marketing efforts increased domestic revenue of $565,000 – attributed to a gain of $529,000.

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